Malheur Experiment Station 1995 Annual Report

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1995 Annual Report

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Station staff members Erik Feibert and Monty Saunders, displaying samples from the 1995 Onion Variety Trial.

1995 Report Cover Photo

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Report Contributors And Cooperators


1995 Weather Report


1995 Results From A Forage Alfalfa Variety Evaluation Trial Established In The Fall Of 1995


Onion Variety Trials

Strategies For Controlling Onion Thrips (Thrips Tabaci) In Sweet Spanish Onion

Thrips Effects On Fourteen Sweet Spanish Onion Varieties

Nitrogen Fertilization For Drip-Irrigated Onions

Plant Population For Drip-Irrigated Onions

Weed Control And Crop Tolerance Of Onions To Herbicide Applied Postplant Preemergence And As Multiple Postemergence Applications To Seedling Onions

Vapam Fumigant Treatments In Sugar Beets And Onions


Weed Control In Peppermint And Spearmint


Improved Nitrogen And Irrigation Efficiency For Potato Production

Nitrogen Requirements For New Potato Varieties Under Furrow Irrigation

An Evaluation Of Potato Quality During Storage

Yield And Quality Of Four Potato Cultivars In Response To PAM (Polyacrylamide) Treatment Of Irrigation Wate

Potato Herbicide Trial


The Effect Of Simulated Hail On Yield And Quality Of Pumpkins And Two Squash Varieties


Soybean Research At Ontario In 1995

Sugar Beet

Sugar Beet Variety Testing Results, 1995

Insecticide Applications To Sugar Beets For Crown Borer Control

Sugar Beet Tolerance To Tank-Mix Combination Of Sevin Insecticide Formulations And Betamix Progress, Upbeet, And Stinger Herbicides Applied Postemergence To Seedling Sugar Beet

"On Farm" Validation Of Nitrogen Fertilization Recommendations For Sugar Beets

Effects Of Small Amounts Of Pendimethalin Herbicide On Sugar Beet Plant Development

Sugar Beet Tolerance To Soil Carry-Over Residues Of Prowl Herbicide

Combining Preplant Incorporated Nortron SC And Postemergence Applications Of Betamix Progress To Obtain Optimum Weed Control In Sugar Beets

An Evaluation Of Foliar Active Grass Herbicides Tank-Mixed With Broadleaf Herbicides For Weed Control In Seedling Sugar Beets

The Control Of Annual Grasses In Seedling Sugar Beets With Postemergence Herbicides

Late Season Weed Control In Sugar Beets With Postemergence Applications Of Frontier Herbicide

Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn Variety Evaluation For The Treasure Valley

Weed Control In Sweet Corn

Water Quality and Erosion Control

PAM And/Or Low Rates Of Straw Furrow Mulching To Reduce Soil Erosion And Increase Water Infiltration In A Furrow Irrigated Field, 1995 Trial

Season-Long Comparative Effectiveness Of Polyacrylamide And Furrow Mulching To Reduce Sediment Loss And Improve Water Infiltration In Furrow Irrigated Onions

Effects Of Polyacrylamide Application Method On Soil Erosion And Water Infiltration

Nitrogen Mineralization From Potato Sludge

Wheat and Other Small Grains

1995 Small-Grain Variety Trials

Broadleaf Weed Control In Spring Wheat

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