Malheur Experiment Station 1997 Annual Report

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1997 Annual Report

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(Left to Right) Cory Ransom, Associate Professor of Weed Science; Joey Ishida, Bioscience Research Technician; and Lynn Jensen, OSU Malheur Extension Chair, examining experimental Onion samples at the Malheur Experiment Station.

1997 Report Cover Photo

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Report Contributors And Cooperators


1997 Weather Report


Final Year Results Of The 1992 To 1997 Alfalfa Variety Trial

Second Production Year Of The Alfalfa Forage Variety Trial, 1996-2000

Using Degree Day Accumulations To Predict Lygus Hatches In Alfalfa Seed

Corn, Sweet Corn, and Nitrogen Mineralization

Evaluations Of Supersweet Corn And Sweet Corn Varieties

Nitrogen Value Of Potato And Onion Sludge For Corn Production

Nitrogen Mineralization From Potato Sludge And Onion Sludge

Preplant Incorporated Herbicides For Weed Control In Field Corn


Onion Variety Trial, Graded Out Of Storage January 1998

Evaluation Of Onion Harvesting Methods 1997

Irrigation Management For Drip-Irrigated Onions

Postemergence Weed Control In Onions

Thrips Identification And Thrips Control In Onions

Straw Mulch Increases Yield And Grade Of Furrow Irrigated Onions

Poplar Trees

Irrigation Management For Hybrid Poplar Production

Groundcovers For Hybrid Poplar Establishment

Weed Control For Poplar Tree Establishment


Soybean Research At Ontario In 1997

Yew Trees

'Hicksii' Yews As A Sustainable Source Of Anticancer Compounds


Asparagus Variety Performance


Validation And Adaptation Of The "Blitecast" Model For Predicting Development Of Potato Late Blight In Oregon

Umatilla Russet Potatoes Compared With Russet Burbank And Shepody. 1997

Preemergence Herbicides For Weed Control In Potatoes

Potato Variety Trials At Ontario, 1997

Sugar Beet

Sugar Beet Variety Trial Results For 1997

Transgenic Sugar Beet Variety Testing Results

Postemergence Weed Control In Sugar Beets

"On Farm" Implementation Of Lower Nitrogen Fertilizer Inputs Through Nitrogen Accounting And Validation Of Organic Matter Mineralization

Wheat and Small Grains

1997 Small Grain Variety Trials

Improved Nitrogen And Irrigation Efficiency For Wheat Production


Appendix A: Listing of Herbicides

Appendix B: Listing of Insecticides

Appendices C, D, & E: Listing of Common and Scientific Plant Names

Disclaimer: The information in this report is for the purpose of informing cooperators in industry, colleagues at other universities, and others of the results of research in field crops. References to products and companies in this publication are for specific information only and do not endorse or recommend that product or company to the exclusion of others that may be suitable, nor should information and interpretation thereof be considered as a recommendation for application of any pesticide.
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