Malheur Experiment Station 2001 Annual Report

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2001 Annual Report

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Report Contributors And Cooperators

Topics of Current Interest

Phosphorus Content of the Malheur River


2001 Weather Report


Third Year Results of the 1999 to 2003 Alfalfa Forage Variety Trial

Relationship between Water Stress and Seed Yield of Two Drip-irrigated Alfalfa Varieties

Herbicides for Alfalfa Setback and Preharvest Desiccation in Alfalfa Seed Production

Development of New Herbicide Options for Alfalfa Seed Production

Postemergence Downy Brome and Quackgrass Control in Alfalfa


Weed Control and Crop Response with Herbicides Applied in Corn

Dry Beans

Yellow Nutsedge Control in Dry Edible Beans with Sandea®


Common Groundsel Control in Mint with Spring Postemergence Herbicide Applications


2001 Onion Variety Trial

Effects of Onion Plant Damage and Field Heat Stress on Translucent Scale in Onion Bulbs

Effects of Heating and Freezing on Translucent Scale in Onion Bulbs

Plant Population and Nitrogen Fertilization for Subsurface Drip-irrigated Onions

Weed Control and Onion Tolerance with Soil Active and Postemergence Herbicides

Herbicide Application Methods for Control of Yellow Nutsedge in Onions

Volunteer Potato Control in Onions

Insecticide Trials for Onion Thrips (Thrips tabaci) Control

Alternative Methods for Controlling Onion Thrips (Thrips tabaci) in Spanish Onions

Evaluation of Neck Length and Insecticide Treatments for Thrips Control in Stored Onions

Poplar Trees

Micro-irrigation Alternatives for Hybrid Poplar Production, 2001

Trial Effect of Pruning Severity on the Annual Growth of Hybrid Poplar

Willow Sharpshooter Stunting of Hybrid Poplar Growth

The Willow Sharpshooter Graphocephala confluens (Uhler), A New Pest in Poplar Tree Plantations


Vegetable Soybean (Edamame) Performance at Ontario in 2001  

Soybean Performance in Ontario in 2001


Predicting the Onset and Severity of Potato Late Blight in Oregon

Drip Irrigation Management Factors for ‘Umatilla Russet’ Potato Production  

Drip-irrigated Red and Russet  Potato Varieties Harvested Early or Late

Potato Variety Trials 2001

Development of New Herbicide Options for Weed Control in Potato Production

Range Land

Invasive Weed Control with Plateau® and Oasis®

Sugar Beet

Sugar Beet Variety Testing Results

Transgenic Sugar Beet Variety Testing Results

Kochia Control with Variable Nortron® Rates in Standard and Micro-rate Herbicide Programs

Micro-rate Herbicide Programs for Weed Control in Sugar Beets

Sugar Beet Tolerance and Weed Control with Postemergence Combinations of Outlook®

Betamix®, Progress®, and Betanex® Formulations for Weed Control in Sugar Beets

Yellow Nutsedge Control in Sugar Beets

Wheat and Small Grains

2001 Small Grain Variety Trials

Weed Control and Crop Tolerance with Bronate® in Spring Wheat and Beyond® in Clearfield™ Spring Wheat

Rotational Crop Response to Wheat Herbicide Carryover

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Evaluation of the AM400 Soil Moisture Data Logger to Aid Irrigation Scheduling

Irrigation Scheduling in Long-term Buried Drip

A Comparison of Six Soil Moisture Sensors


Appendices A & B: Listing of Herbicides and Insecticides

Appendices C, D, & E: Listing of Common and Scientific Plant Names

Disclaimer: The information in this report is for the purpose of informing cooperators in industry, colleagues at other universities, and others of the results of research in field crops. References to products and companies in this publication are for specific information only and do not endorse or recommend that product or company to the exclusion of others that may be suitable, nor should information and interpretation thereof be considered as a recommendation for application of any pesticide.
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