Malheur Experiment Station 2006 Annual Report

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2006 Annual Report

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Janet Jones, MES Office Coordinator, displaying a sample of the native wildflower establishment at the Malheur Experiment Station.

2006 Report Cover Photo

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Report Contributors And Cooperators


2006 Weather Report


First Year Results Of The 2006-2011 Furrow-Irrigated Alfalfa Forage Variety Trial


Seed Production Of Native Forbs Shows Little Response To Irrigation In A Wet Year

Tolerance Of Seven Native Forbs To Preemergence And Postemergence Herbicides


2006 Onion Variety Trials

Evaluation Of Overwintering Onion For Production In The Treasure Valley, 2005-2006 Trial

Onion Production From Transplants

Evaluation Of Primed Onion Seed

Insecticide Efficacy Trial For Thrips Control In Dry Bulb Onions

Managing Carzol® For Maximum Efficacy Against Thrips

Effectiveness Of Regent® As A Seed Treatment For Early Season Thrips Suppression In Dry Bulb Onion

Effect On Nozzle Type, Spray Pressure, Spray Volume, And Time Of Application On Thrips Control

A Survey Of Thrips Movement Into Onion Fields In The Treasure Valley

Evaluation Of Auxigro® For Drip-Irrigated Onion Production

Evaluation Of Intracept® For Onion Production


Performance Of Hybrid Poplar Clones On An Alkaline Soil Through 2006

Micro-Irrigation Alternatives For Hybrid Poplar Production, 2006 Trial

Effect Of Pruning Severity On The Annual Growth Of Hybrid Poplar Through 2006


Potato Variety Trials 2006

Irrigation Systems And Bed Configuration Influence Potato Performance


Soybean Performance In Ontario In 2006

Sugar Beet

Sugar Beet Variety Trials 2006


Teff (Era Grostis Tet) Variety Performance

Wheat and Other Small Grains

2006 Winter Elite Wheat Trial

Optimizing Nitrogen Use And Evaluating Ethephon Use In Waxy Barley

Performance Of Winter Barley (Hordeum Vuigare Ssp. Vulgare) And Spring Waxy Barley Varieties Planted In The Fall

Yellow Nutsedge

Yellow Nutsedge Nutlet Production In Response To Nutlet Planting Depth

Yellow Nutsedge Nutlet Loss Of Viability With Desiccation Under Controlled And Field Conditions

Yellow Nutsedge Nutlet Viability In Response To Fumigation


Appendix A: Listing of Herbicides

Appendix B: Listing of Insecticides

Appendices C, D, & E: Listing of Common and Scientific Plant Names

Disclaimer: The information in this report is for the purpose of informing cooperators in industry, colleagues at other universities, and others of the results of research in field crops. References to products and companies in this publication are for specific information only and do not endorse or recommend that product or company to the exclusion of others that may be suitable, nor should information and interpretation thereof be considered as a recommendation for application of any pesticide.
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