Malheur Experiment Station 2008 Annual Report

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2008 Annual Report

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Clinton C. Shock, Malheur Experiment Station Director and Superintendent.

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Report Contributors And Cooperators


Weather Report 2008


Third-Year Results of the 2006-2011 Furrow-irrigated Alfalfa Forage Variety Trial


Evaluation of Herbicides for Weed Control in Irrigated Field Corn


2008 Onion Variety Trials

Performance of Onion Varieties in a Field with High Iris Yellow Spot Virus Presence

Onion Production from Transplants Grown in a Low Tunnel Cold Frame and in a Greenhouse

Management of Onion Cultural Practices to Control the Expression of Iris Yellow Spot Virus

Insecticide Efficacy Trial for Thrips Control in Dry Bulb Onions – 2008

Managing Insecticides for Maximum Efficacy Against Thrips in Dry Bulb Onions – 2008

Preliminary Evaluation of Activated Carbon to Detoxify Pre-emergence Applied Herbicides in Dry Bulb Onion

Long-term Onion Storage: 2008 Report


Micro-irrigation Alternatives for Hybrid Poplar Production, 2008 Trial


Potato Variety Trials 2008

Evaluation of V-10142 (Imazosulfuron) for Yellow Nutsedge Control in Potato


Soybean Performance in Ontario in 2008

Sugar Beet

Sugar Beet Variety Trials 2008

Nortron® and Outlook® Residual Activity on Weeds Compared to Roundup® Alone in Roundup Ready® Sugar Beets

Weed Control in Roundup Ready® Sugar Beets with Roundup® Plus Soil residual Herbicides

Timing of Volunteer Potato Control in Roundup Ready® Sugar Beets

Wheat and Small Grains

2008 Winter Elite Wheat Trial

Huskie® Herbicide Performance Relative to Commercial Standard Herbicides in Winter Wheat

Wildflower and Native Plant Seed Production

Native Wildflower Seed Production with Limited Subsurface Drip Irrigation

Native Perennial Forb Tolerance to Rates and Mixtures of Postemergence Herbicides

Native Perennial Forb Tolerance to Repeated Annual Applications of Postemergence Herbicides

Yellow Nutsedge Biology and Control

Yellow Nutsedge Tuber Production in Response to Depth of Emergence

Developing Effective Crop Rotation Systems to Manage Yellow Nutsedge in the Treasure Valley

Evaluation of Yukon® Herbicide Rates for Nutsedge Control in Corn Grown in Rotations Followed by Onion

Yellow Nutsedge Management with Dual Magnum® and Outlook® in Transplanted Dry Bulb Onions

Yellow Nutsedge Tuber Control and Dry Bulb Onion Yield with Soil Fumigation and Fallow

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