Malheur Experiment Station 2013 Annual Report

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2013 Annual Report

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Pictured Left to Right: Clint Shock, MES Director; Norm Poole, Joe Saito, Midori Komoto, Bob Komoto, Janet Komoto.

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Contributors and Cooperators


2013 Weather Report


Onion Variety Trials

Onion Production from Transplants

Onion Response to Irrigation Criteria for Two Varieties at Two Plant Populations

Onion Response to Phosphorus Application Strategies and In-season Nutrient Supplementation

Onion Response to Late-season Water Stress at Two Plant Populations

Evaluation of Insecticides and Insecticide Use Patterns for Management of Thrips and Iris Yellow Spot Virus

New Fungicide Treatments for Disease Management and Plant Health in Onions

Bed Type and Soil Fumigants Effects on Yield, Quality, and Pink Root Incidence and Severity in Onions in the Treasure Valley, 2013

Evaluation of Preemergence and Postemergence Herbicides for Weed Control in Direct-seeded Onion

Evaluation of Zidua® and Warrant® Herbicides for Weed Control in Direct-seeded Onion

Yellow Nutsedge Control in Onion After Three Years of Corn Herbicides


Potato Variety Trials

Common Lambsquarters and Hairy Nightshade Control in Potato with Herbicide Tank Mixtures

Sugar Beets

Sugar Beet Variety Trials

Herbicide Combinations for General Weed and Yellow Nutsedge Control in Sugar Beet in the Treasure Valley

Wild Flowers and Native Plant Seed Production

Direct Surface Seeding Systems for Successful Establishment of Native Wildflowers

Irrigation Requirements for Native Perennial Wildflower Seed Production in a Semi-arid Environment

Irrigation Requirements for Native Wildflower Seed Production for Perennial and Annual Species for Seed Production, Fall 2009 Planting

Irrigation Requirements of Annual Native Wildflower Species for Seed Production, Fall 2012 Planting

Tolerance of Native Wildflowers to Preemergence and Postemergence Herbicides


Direct Seeding Strategies for Nursery Establishment of Corn Lily (Veratrum californicum)

Transplanting Methods for the Cultivation of Corn Lily (Veratrum californicum)

Evaluation of Foliar Calcium and Fungicide for Survival of Corn Lily (Veratrum californicum) Seedlings from Five Sources

Yellow Nutsedge Biology and Control

Biology, Development, and Tuber Production of Two Yellow Nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus) Varieties in the Treasure Valley


Appendix A: Herbicide Listing

Appendix B: Insecticide Listing

Appendices A, B, & C: Listing of Common and Scientific Names

The work reported here was supported by Formula Grants nos. 2014-31200-06041 and 2014-31100-06041 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, the Malheur County Extension Service District, Oregon State University, and other sponsors.

Disclaimer: The information in this report is for the purpose of informing cooperators in industry, colleagues at other universities, and others of the results of research in field crops. References to products and companies in this publication are for specific information only and do not endorse or recommend that product or company to the exclusion of others that may be suitable, nor should information and interpretation thereof be considered as a recommendation for application of any pesticide.
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