W-3128: Scaling Microirrigation Technologies to Address the Global Water Challenge


  1. Develop robust and appropriately-scaled methods of irrigation scheduling using one or more soil-, plant- or weather-based approaches

  2. Develop microirrigation designs and management practices that can be appropriately scaled to site-specific characteristics and end-user capabilities

  3. Develop technology transfer products for a diversity of stakeholders to promote adoption of microirrigation

Maintenance of Microirrigation Systems Overview

Administrative Advisor:
Steven Loring, Ph.D.

Associate Director
Agricultural Experiment Station
New Mexico State University
Phone: (575) 646-3125
Fax: (575) 646-2816

W-3128 Annual Work Meeting:

November 5-6, 2017 [ENDED]
Orlando, FL

Conference Contact: Pete Jacoby, Ph.D.

Professor of Plant Ecology
Department of Crop and Soil Sciences
Washington State University
Office: (509) 335-3495
Mobile: (509) 475-7630

Sand Media Filters

Wetting Front for
Drip-Irrigated Onions

Comparison - Drip-Irrigated Onion
Field in the Center

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