Owyhee Crops

Maddy Pendergrass, Olivia Morton, Andrea Shenk and Brittney Phelps
Adrian High School

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Agriculture is a very important part of the area. Agriculture depends on water and we all depend on it to eat.

What do we use barely for? Baby food, beer and horse food.

What is alfalfa used for? Alfalfa is used to grow hay to feed animals. You can see small bales, large bales and round bales in the fields.

Do you cry when you cut onions? Onions are mostly water. Onions don't store very long, but they are very healthy food.

What do we use potatoes for? French fries and potato chips! Is there only one kind of potato? No, there are many kinds of potatoes, even blue potatoes!

Do you like sugar? Where does sugar come from? Sugar beets have leaves and a big root called "beet."

What are some uses for corn? Sweet corn, creamed corn, etc. Bacon, eggs, steaks and many other animal and industrial products can also be used for "biofuel,"

By feel, students try to distinguish between corn, beans, wheat, barley, oats, grass seed, alfalfa seed and carrot seed.

For further information please contact:
Nicole Sullivan
Owyhee Watershed Coordinator
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