Fishing Station

President Mike Thompson, Rodney Jones and other members
Indianhead Fly Fishing
Ray Perkins Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

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At this station the kids learned about the different type of fish that inhabit the Owyhee Reservoir the Owyhee River. The kids were then given a practice fishing pole to learn how fly fisherman cast. The kids also learned that a fly fishing pole and reel is very different than a spinning pole and reel. One of the main types of fish that the kids learned about was the Brown Trout.

Brown Trout

The Brown Trout was introduced into the Lower Owyhee River in 1990 when 6000 fish were released to start the population. It was in the 1996-1997 time period that the fish population took off. The river was stocked until 1997 when the population was large enough that it could take care of itself. Most of the larger fish will swim up stream to spawn. Spawners have to recover the body weight that they lose through this ordeal. It is hard for many of the females to recover their body weight after they spawn once they are about 20-22" long.

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