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These guides are designed to present the most recent and relevant information possible for the use of growers and agriculturalists in the Malheur Agricultural Community. They contain detailed and current explanations for many of the most pressing topics, compiled from research at the Malheur Experiment Station.

Physical copies of all the listed reports are available in limited quantities, free-of-charge, from the Malheur Experiment Station and Malheur Extension Office. Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have, or for help with any difficulties obtaining information from this website.

Publications - English

Dealing with Drought: Conserving Irrigation Water

Drip Irrigation: An Introduction

Strategies for Efficient Irrigation Water Use

Irrigation Monitoring Using Soil Water Tension

Successful Onion Irrigation Scheduling

Drip Irrigation Guide for Onion Growers

Drip Irrigation Guide for Growers of Hybrid Poplar

Successful Potato Irrigation Scheduling

Drip Irrigation Guide for Potatoes

The Phosphorus Dilemma

Make Polyacrylamide Work for You!

Sulphur-flower Buckwheat

TMDLs and Water Quality in the Malheur Basin: A Guide for Agriculture

Tailwater Recovery Using Sedimentation Ponds and Pumpback Systems

Surge Irrigation

Nitrate Pollution in Groundwater: A Grower’s Guide

Fernleaf Biscuitroot

Making Strip Tillage Work for You: A Grower’s Guide

Eliminating Runoff Water from Your Farm

Preliminary Studies on Escherichia coli and Onion

Recognizing and Correcting Iron Deficiency

Propagation of Stevia rebaudiana by Rooted Cuttings

Teff: A New Warm-season Annual Grass for Oregon

Response of Teff, Barnyardgrass, and Broadleaf Weeds to Postemergence Herbicides

Yield and Quality of Teff Forage as a Function of Varying Rates of Applied Irrigation and Nitrogen

Soybean Performance in Ontario in 2014

Rapid Delivery of Regional Pest Alerts Using an Interactive Internet Site, Journal of Extension

Spring Grain Varieties for 2003

Winter Grain Varieties for 2003

Nutrient Management for Sweet Spanish Onions in the Pacific Northwest

Circuitry Innovation for Three-Phase Motor Operation on Single-Phase Power

Management Guide for Umatilla Potatoes

Management Guide for Legend Potatoes

Management Practices and Sugar End Potatoes

Infrared Thermometry and the Crop Water Stress Index

Cultural Practices that Decrease Potato Dark-Ends

Publicaciónes - Español

Publicações - Português

Irrigação por Gotejamento na Produção de Alamo; Guia Prático

Monitoramento da Irrigação por Meio da Tensão da Água do Solo